an alternate-timeline Psiioniic that burned out too early as a Helmsman and was thrown away on the streets somewhere unknown. He currently lives in a box.

25th October 2012

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Tagged: ((wow this is dumb))psiioniicbloodbody horror((and then i remembered all/most of the animals on alternia are solid white oops))((too late now it's 1am i am beyond the point of giving a shit))((ps i'm trying to be consistant with the next asks after the last one sowe'll return to turtleneck psii eventually don't worry))((ooc tags that nobody reads heheheHEHEHEE))

28th September 2012

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3rd September 2012

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18th August 2012

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18th August 2012

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II haven’t notiiced.

II haven’t notiiced.

Tagged: Psiioniic((whoops changed the way i draw these now))((still kind of on hiatus because alse is a terrible author))((threw something else in the queue for now))

5th July 2012

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Tagged: oops sorry ziggy i didn't mean to do thatjk i totally didpsiioniicseizure warningis there a phobia for goggles or eyewear? hmm

25th June 2012

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20th June 2012

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19th June 2012

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19th June 2012

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